Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Project 52 – Week 21

20th – 26th May

Crazy busy week!

On Tuesday night I finally did Sh’Bam at Les Mills Takapuna with Tara. It was not as bad as I thought. You can read Tara’s blog here. I have only looked at Zumba once, but I think that it is more dance-orientated whereas Sh’bam is still quite aerobics based. I am sure as I get fitter Sh’Bam will get easier and I can add in the arms and hip rolls etc.

Finally kind of broke the gym drought and managed to go 3 times after work. I figure while it is freezing in the mornings and we are not motivated to get out of bed then going after work is a good answer. I still need to be doing more exercise on the weekends as I am not exercising twice a day like I was.

Have been listening to Bob Harper’s audio books and I am really loving them. There are so many amazing, motivating ideas. One main thing was finding something you love about yourself…which when you are obese is not always easy. So I have found 3 things.

  • My smile
  • My legs (even though they are white, and not olive)
  • Great skin

Mark and I had date night on Friday and went to see Men in Black 3. I loved it. I love Tommy Lee Jones and seriously Josh Brolin really looked like a young Jones. I was really disappointed with dinner. We had planned to go to Wagamama and I planned what I was going to eat to make sure I stayed well within my calories; we go to Wagamama and it was packed so we had to go somewhere else. Then I made dumb food choices.

Had a massage on Saturday…so good!

Went to Lisa’s on Saturday night for a Tupperware party and it was fantastic. Loads of laughs and yummy food and a fabulous hug from Jess; I love Jess hugs.

I think that is it?


  1. Sounds like you are doing well Ness! I really admire folks who come to the gym after work. For me, it is first thing in the morning or not at all!

    1. Thanks so much. I try and talk myself out of it throughout the day....but then I remember it's not much time out of 24 hours. We will swap back to mornings when daylight savings starts again. Just too cold at the moment and I don't want to get out of bed.