Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Project 52 – Week 19

6th – 12th May

We had family come to stay for the weekend which was really awesome!
I always go into a mad state of panic to get cleaning done. Most of my friends seem to think that I live in an amazingly clean, uncluttered house. Unfortunately, this is all a ruse. Mostly, we will give the house a fairly good clean once a week, but when people come to stay we go full on. I shared the photo I took of the list. It’s quite funny. I always add more things to it i.e. cleaning windows but this time we got everything done. Well I think one thing was missed. 

I also did my second 10km walk in Bucklands Beach. It was really difficult as since Daylight Savings started I have pretty much stopped walking at night. But I completed it in under 2 hours. It turned out to be about 13km’s as it was a 1.5km walk to and from the car. My feet were super sore at the end. 

The ironic thing was when I entered it into My Fitness Pal. If I burned 1000 calories a day and ate slightly less then I would lose a significant amount of weight in 5 weeks. I figure that if I really push myself I could probably burn 800 calories a day with exercise; this would mean training harder or at least doing things that push my body into a fat burning zone.

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