Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Creativity or lack thereof

At the beginning of 2010 I found myself wondering if there was something missing from my life.

As 2010 flies past, I have realised that “creativity” is missing from my life. Since joining Twitter, I have come across more and more amazing, talented and creative individuals.

Unfortunately, I seem to be “kind of” good at a few things, but I do not seem to excel in any one thing.

I love to bake, and feel that this would be an easy skill to improve and provide an amazing creative outlet. I bake for people that I love and care about to bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Painting/ArtI did painting and art until 5th Form, but I was always decidedly “average” so I gave up. I think I will leave the painting to Mark.

I did a photography night course when was in high school, but never finished it. I love photography and am now surrounded by incredibly, gifted photographers. Photography is definitely something that I would like to develop as a creative outlet and enjoyable hobby.

I had piano lessons and I think my mother would have loved for me to continue these through high school. I never really got any better because I never practiced. I do love music, just not played by me. My crazy attempts at Singstar and Rockband do not even come close to singers that I love, but it is fun!

I tried sewing through high school, but always found “finishing” the garment hard. I wish I could sew, and I am sure if I applied myself I probably could. One of my goals is to help my mum finish the quilt she started when I was born....34.5 years ago!

Speech and Drama
I did speech and drama through my early primary years, and actually really enjoyed this. Perhaps Toastmasters would be an interesting option?

I love writing and am seriously considering writing a book. Very inspired by @amerrylife’s eBook; this is something I would consider doing. However, I need to up my writing skills up a few notches.

My aim going forward: choose 3 things and start to seriously up-skill myself and learn from my creative friends.

1. Writing - write blogs more often and look at grammar. Inspired by: @cateowen @josiecampbell
2. Photography - get a better camera and go out on fun shoots with friends. Huge love to: @velofille @stockhausens @omakiwi @shotbyrobins @jaysonkingsbeer @jasminestar @MegPerotti @tahniaroberts love your work
3. Baking - Start baking different recipes and play with icing on cup cakes

What is your creative outlet?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Some words should never be used in jest

I did not know you, but I know your mum, your brother and your sister. I feel their sense of loss with you gone. Somehow your family managed to pick up the shattered pieces of their life to keep living without you here.

I love your mother so much, and in some ways I think I do know you. You were only a few months younger than me, and you had only just started your life when it was so cruelly taken away. I think of you often and cannot begin to conceive the loss of a daughter, a sister or a friend.
To the monster that brutally attacked and killed you, I have no sympathy for you. I do not care what happened in your childhood that may have led you down this path to destroy lives and families. You broke my beautiful friend and shattered her heart; and you caused many families so much grief and sadness. You took lives that were not yours to take; you had no right.

So if you make light of using the word “rape” or use it in jest, then you disgust me. If you or your family or your friends have never experienced rape then that is a blessing. However, why not spare a thought for the victims of rape and what they may feel when they see or hear that word used as a joke.

I am no longer going to talk or worry....

I have made a decision this morning. I am no longer going to talk or worry about the people that do not like me, or that I do not like. I am going to focus on growing friendships with the people who I know and love.

I am a pretty open and honest person, and if you want to know something about me then just ask. If you still do not like me, then we both just need to move on.

I think that perhaps I have been living in a bit of a dreamlike world where everyone gets along. What I have come to realise is that we are all different, and some people get on well and others do not.

I think that being an adult is about being able to be friends with different people, even if those friends do not get on themselves.

What have I learnt?
- sometimes it is not all about me and sometimes it is
- sometimes I am not the one with the problem and sometimes I am
- dispel rumours with the people involved with a good face-to-face chat and do not just "unfriend or unfollow"
- leave the gossip, bullying and bitchiness in your teens and be an adult

What have you learnt?