Monday, September 9, 2013

WTF September already?

Exercise by Month....CRAZY!

Seriously, where has the year gone? How is it September the 9th? That means that there are 171 days until my brother-in-laws wedding. That’s basically 24 weeks to change my body more…because obviously their wedding is all about me! NOT.  I just get over hating seeing photos of myself at events.

It was all going okay until I got a really nasty cold last week and I have not been to the gym since last Wednesday which is making me feel really yuck and antsy. It is hard to explain; I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Oh and it also feels like someone has tried to rip my breast bone out of my chest which is not particularly pleasant. I honestly think that I jinxed it by bragging that I had not been sick in winter and then on day 4 of spring I got sick! On the flipside we went to my doctor today (yes that’s a two for the price of two!) and she said that that my diabetic profile has significantly improved since the last one; maybe a year – 18 months apart. So the exercise is working!


I have noticed that my legs are getting a lot stronger from all the RPM that I have been doing. Also, my arms and back are changing. However, what I did realise the other day at the inside of my thighs at the top is NOT changing. This means I have to mix things up and add weight training back into my life. At this stage Les Mills Pump will do for now until I can get it together enough to write my own training plan. Also, I went for a walk around Cornwall Park with Pam a few weeks ago and I was knackered so that means having to get my butt out and walking/running and doing the stairs again. Unfortunately, the Waitakere Shake Up (via MMNZ) was cancelled for winter which was really sad as that would have mixed things up more than just doing RPM.

I did not go back and do the stairs again after I could barely walk for a week. Chicken? You betcha! Actually, the pain did not worry me so much as being with total strangers. Really, REALLY out of my comfort zone…completely! So what do I need to do? Actually, just suck it up and get over it as the bigger picture is my health and well-being and getting stronger and fitter and faster! Shake Up starts again in on Tuesday 15th October and the Waitakere group exercise starts when Daylight Savings Starts up which I think is at the end of September Add to that Pump, Attack (maybe) and walks/runs I can see things really changing.

So back to my goals (again):

  • Not drink for 16 weeks
  • Be kinder to my body
  • Stretch A LOT more
  • Mix up my workouts
  • Plan meals better
  • NO CHEESE (ahhhhhh maybe I just need to reduce it) and no Pasta!

Went to the Motivate Me NZ 1st birthday and it was really lovely. Despite knowing many of the women there and having exercised with a lot of them I still got really nervous and anxious. It was a really lovely night and there were a lot of photos of all of us exercising etc. Ruth mentioned to me that I had change a lot since one of the photos was taken which was the first season at Ludus.....maybe March this year? There was a photo booth; totally having one of those for my 40th birthday!

Me and the gals
Oh and I have found out that I am not the only person who has quite a bit of RPM music as part of their playlist.

My current music favourites:

  • Party Bounce (Club Mix) by Brooklyn Bounce & Splash
  • 212 (Feat. Lazy Jay) by Azealia Banks
  • Summer Rain (Zander Club Mix) by Slinkee Minx
  • Make the World Move by Christina Aguilera
  • Numb by Usher
  • Daydreamer (Danny Byrd Remix) by Flux Pavillion
  • Painkiller by Freestylers
  • Feel the Love by Rudimental
  • Waiting all Night by Rudimental
  • Let it Roll by Flo Rida
  • Never Give Up by ATB