Thursday, August 13, 2015

Social Media

I have a love/hate relationship with social media and it seems this week is the week for me to dislike social media. The last time I felt this way I got up one morning and deleted my Twitter account and I never looked back.

As part of my '101 things in 1001' days I decided that having a week off Facebook would be a good thing to try and it just felt right to do it this week.

On Monday night I also decided to delete my Instagram and Snap Chat accounts and remove quite a number of posts/photos from Facebook.

With Instagram I had nearly 800 photos so deleting my account was a pretty major decision. The good thing is, is that I do have the bulk of the photos saved which is important as I would have hated to have lost the cat/kitten photos that I had taken.

Day 1 of not using Facebook I definitely realised just how much I use Facebook to fill moments during my day and to be quite honest I am not really sure if I am happy with this.

Day 2 of not using Facebook felt a bit easier as I was busier during the day and I was determined to get through the entire week.

Day 3 of not using Facebook is a lot better and I feel a lot calmer; whether that is to do with a significant reduction in social media or something else.

What I have decided to do is that when I return to Facebook that I am going to start using it differently. I have favourite pages that I love and want to follow and other pages that I probably need to unlike. I want to spend less time using it to fill the gaps/voids in my day.

As for Instagram, I do miss it and might return to it at once stage. I did feel a sense of pressure to regularly post photos and I do not really like that.

In terms of my social media presence now I have Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, You Tube and my blogs. I want to blog more and I am deciding whether I want to merge this blog and my fitness blog rather than maintaining two blogs. I do love writing and feel that it is a really great creative outlet for me.

Do you ever take time off social media? Or just delete an account out of the blue?