Thursday, May 3, 2012

74 days

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein

the Collective Great Dairy - Passion Fruit Gourmet Probiotic Yoghurt, 100 g 109 15g 5g 5g
Kelloggs - Special K - Forest Berries (440g), 37.5 g 141 26g 0g 7g
Woolworths Homebrand - Lite Milk, 125 ml 58 6g 2g 4g
Nespresso - Lungo, 1 cup 3 0g 0g 0g


Campbells - Country Ladle Chicken Noodle Soup, 500 g 244 31g 4g 18g
the Collective Great Dairy - Passion Fruit Gourmet Probiotic Yoghurt, 100 g 109 15g 5g 5g


Kraft* - Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese, 45 g 135 3g 12g 3g
Woolworths Home Brand - Sundried Tomatoes, 20 g 45 2g 3g 1g
Chicken - Boneless Skinless Breast - 1 Chicken Breast, 5 OZ 150 0g 2g 33g
Cauliflower - Raw, 0.5 cup 13 3g 0g 1g
Great Value - Broccoli, 0.5 cup 15 2g 0g 1g


Nice and Natural - Superfruits Muesli Bar - Cranberry and Blueberry, 30 g 109 20g 3g 2g
Tasti - Snak Log Peanut Brownie, 1 bar (40g) 180 19g 9g 5g
Nestle - Milo (Nz) 530g Container, 60 g 248 39g 6g 7g
Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 1 cup 122 11g 5g 8g
TOTAL: 1681 192g 56g 100g

Food Notes: If every day were like today... You'd weigh 142.2 kg in 5 weeks

Colour me PISSED off.

We were ready for the gym this morning. Gym bags packed. Kitty litter trays clean (do not ask). Lunch ready to go.

I got up and Mark would not get out of bed. I was furious. This is the problem with only having one car. Then at 7.50am the traffic was utterly repulsive. To be honest I said something like "hahahahaha bet traffic was not this bad at 5.45am!!". I explained that I want to be at least 135kg when we go to Rarotonga and that I need his help to get to the gym etc.

In hindsight I think that daylight savings has really stuffed me up with my exercise. I have really just hit a wall and stopped. I am not blaming anyone else as I am the one that needs to get my lazy butt out of bed and to the gym. I am just out of the habit and need to push through it so that I get back into the habit.

Walking at night is now not practical unless we get home around 5.30pm as it is just too dark to walk on my own. I am contemplating using the wind-trainer and my bike. I almost considered renting or buying a treadmill; but that is an expensive solution. Perhaps I can start doing Zumba and Pilates in the living room at night.

I do not want my walking fitness to drop. So long walks on the weekends are definitely in order.


  1. That's a bummer about the gym. On a positive note your food intake has been steps, everything will fall into place for you. Maybe just get up early and do the dvds, that way you don't need to worry about being out in the dark or relying on Mark. You can do outdoor activites on the weekend when you have more time. Getting the thingy for your bike would be perfect!

    1. Yes, I think that's a good idea about the DVD's. I want to be able to do them without the sound up too loud. I miss walking and I love the gym. I have a wind-trainer for the bike already, so just need to set that up. To be honest I prefer walking to riding, but it's something different to mix things up a bit.

      The food has been heaps better!! Trying to use everything in the pantry to make delicious meals for Make to May :)