Monday, May 14, 2012

63, 64 and 65 days

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein

L&F - Flat White, 1 cup 171 12g 10g 0g
Cheese Scones, 2 serving(s) 576 67g 24g 21g


Wendy's (Nz) - Spicy Chicken Burger, 1 Burger (245g) 507 56g 19g 28g
Wendy's (Nz) - Sour Cream & Chives Baked Potato, 1 potato 302 55g 7g 7g
Coca Cola - Can of Coke - Regular, 1 can (330ml) 140 39g 0g 0g


Generic - Fried rice, 2 cup 900 0g 0g 0g


Cadbury - Jaffas - Orange Coated Chocolate, 50 g 246 38g 10g 0g
TOTAL: 2842 267g 70g 56g

Above is my food diary from Friday 11th May. I did not track my food for the rest of the weekend as the carnage was too great!

Food Notes: If every day were like today... You'd weigh 147.5 kg in 5 weeks

Had cheese scones this morning. Then I calculated the calories. Won't be doing that again in a hurry. I cannot believe I used to have cheese scones, a V drink or 2 x Egg/Cheese McMuffins for breakfast each morning. I also used to eat Wendy's nearly every day.

I now mostly have cereal, yoghurt and coffee from home. Need to get better lunches sorted. I guess warmed up chicken with salad and a pita pocket could work. I look at the other gal's lunches and they can normally keep their calories at around 300-350 for lunch.

It is so scary to see that so little food can add up to so many calories. I pretty much ate 1000 more calories on Friday than I should have. Ridiculous. No wonder my weight has stayed so high.

So with 9 weeks to go from May 14th I am not going to beat myself up for last week; but just make better choices this week. Plus exercise is an absolute MUST.

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