Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pushing Myself

The dreaded stairs that I walk down and then have to walk back up. They mostly kill me but they will get easier.
I have decided not to really make many promises to myself but rather to just do it.

There are some things that I have done in the last month that I am super proud of.
  • Body combat class for 3 consecutive weekends
  • Week 1 – body combat followed by body balance; lying in bed on Sunday I thought to myself “why are my oblique’s sore” and then I remembered
  • Week 2 – just body combat
  • Week 3 – 20 minutes on the treadmill, body combat and then pump; crazy what my body is capable of!
  • The nicest thing about combat on Sunday was the instructor actually high-fived me and said I was awesome
  • Went to the gym before work
  • Started walking at night again; I wish I had never stopped

On Saturday I did what felt like a bloody boot camp workout at my parents searching the dense bush on their property for the neighbours missing (and presumed deceased) cat. It was steep, muddy, slippery, gross, raining and cold. I actually had to pull myself up using native vines and trees and actually used the vines to kind of swing down the muddy bits. Oh and no sign of the cat. #Sad.

I have been reading Leah and Allie’s blogs for inspiration and motivation. Allie is amazing and she always checks in if I am not tracking my food etc. on #MyFitnessPal. I got some amazing new songs to work out to from one of Leah’s blogs.

DJ Fresh ~ Hot Right Now (feat. Rita Ora)
DJ Fresh ~ Louder
DJ Fresh ~ Gold Dust

And my own inclusions:
Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City ~ Good Time
Carly Rae Jepsen ~ This Kiss

I have an amazing supportive network of friends on a closed ‘secret squirrel’ Facebook group that are really on track with their own journeys.

Then there is my friend Julia who has had an amazing year with her nutrition and exercise despite her own health concerns. Her ideas, positive outlook and commitment despite obstacles are an inspiration.

Lynda from ‘Nutrition for Life’ has provided support and extra tools to help me find my way again.

Lastly, huge thanks have to go to Penny and Anjuli who do not let me get away with any shit or excuses. Penny has totally gotten me to push myself outside my comfort zone at the gym and encouraged me to get back into resistance/strength training.  Her enthusiasm for exercise (and gadgets) is contagious.

And thanks to Anjuli for keeping it real and being brutally honest with me whether I wanted to hear it or not. The motivational emails/quotes/Pinterest boards/healthy snack ideas are always welcome and enlightening. Anjuli is the reason that I made a food and exercise plan for the week and I am sticking to it. Actually, I am too scared not to stick to it. I cannot miss it as it is on my wall at work and on the fridge at home.

What I have realised:
I need to get some walking events into my calendar as I only have the Auckland Quarter Marathon on the 28th October, and the 6km Sculpt in November. Even though it scares the heck out of me I am planning to do the 10km on Motutapu next year.

Starting up walking again is helping me clear my mind and deal with the stress that is in my life at the moment. 

I wish I could run! 

P.S. There are so many woman that inspire me to eat well and exercise.

MsJenB (Jenna) - Runner, surfer.....amazing woman
Claire Huxley - running for a cause
Tara - Dukan Addict, Diver, Photographer, Tattoo Aficionado
Mel - baby catcher, mum, walk-a-holic
Cassie - CrossFit queen
Liz - Geek, bike riding go-getter