Monday, May 28, 2012

51 days

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Kelloggs - Special K - Forest Berries (440g), 40 g 151 28g 0g 7g
the Collective Dairy - Black Plum Yoghurt, 125 g 136 19g 6g 6g
Cheese Scones, 1 serving(s) 288 33g 12g 11g


Chicken Meatloaf Muffins, 1 serving 132 7g 3g 3g
Alfa One (Nz) - Rice Bran Oil Dressing - Balsamic, 20 ml 61 4g 5g 0g
Fresh Zone - Herbslaw, 112.5 g 37 6g 0g 2g
Lisa's - Organic Hummus - Roasted Garlic, 20 g 50 4g 3g 2g
Generic - NZ Carrots, 0.5 cup 26 6g 0g 1g
Bells Produce Kaitaia, Nz - Satsuma Mandarin, 2 fruit 70 0g 0g 0g


Pinot Gris - Wine, 10 fl oz, 147g 244 6g 0g 0g
Generic - NZ Carrots, 0.5 cup 26 6g 0g 1g
NZ Chicken Breast, 170 g uncooked 140 0g 0g 0g
Potatoes - Mashed, home-prepared, whole milk and margarine added, 1 cup 237 36g 9g 4g
Boiled Without Salt - Green Beans, 25 g 9 2g 0g 1g
Generic - Fresh Tiger Prawn, Jumbo, Raw, 3 prawn (50g) 102 0g 2g 21g
Coffee Club - Chips, 100 g 145 20g 6g 0g


Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 0.25 cup 31 3g 1g 2g
Vittoria - Original Chocochino - Drinking Chocolate Powder, 6 g 22 5g 0g 0g
Nice and Natural - Superfruits Raspberry and Pomegranate, 30 g 115 19g 3g 2g
Cadbury - Crunchie Treat Size, 2 bar 172 26g 6g 2g
TOTAL: 2194 230g 56g 65g

Food Notes: If every day were like today... You'd weigh 143.6 kg in 5 weeks

Eating was going so well and then we went out for dinner. I had totally planned what I was going to eat at Wagamama and then they were busy and had no tables free. Gutted. We ended up going somewhere else and I should not have ordered the garlic bread, fries and glasses of wine. Healthy eating regret!

Just checked out Runkeeper for the last few months. In March I actually exercised 32 times! 32!! So now I need to make sure that I do more exercise in June so that I can beat March!
Weighed myself this morning and I have lost 1.4kg. I am going to weigh again in the morning as I wonder if that is water loss.


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