Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cake. Coffee. Conversation. Weekends away rock!

Pirate Clip

I just had another lovely weekend away in Wellington!

There were lots of lovely conversations, food and drinking…..and LAUGHTER! Oh and not to mention the million metres of Christmas tinsel everywhere in the house!

On Saturday we had a relaxing start to the morning with a beautiful breakfast. ‘The Beard’ went to get supplies to make a new bird feeder.

Julia and I went out to Lower Hutt to catch up with a friend for coffee, cake and a quick loop around the Dowse Art Museum to look at some of the exhibitions.

I loved the ‘Invitation to Openness — Substantive and Transitive States’, by Wellington sculptor Elizabeth Thomson. It is hundreds of moths placed on the walls as if they had just landed there. It reminded me of the many puriri moths that I would see as a child growing up in the bush. I also really enjoyed looking at the 1970’s ‘Revolution in Fashion’ exhibition. I found that the light reflecting on the walls from the giant ‘translucent pyramid’ were more amazing than the pyramid itself. Also, loved the reflections on the wall Moniek Schrijer’s 'Earth is all we know' display.

Happy Cat
Then we went back to Anjuli’s and did some shopping from Sweet Designs and got some beautiful things. I bought some cute hairclips and I now have pirates, animals, crowns and robots to go with my UNICORN clips that she gave me. If you are looking for beautifully handmade gifts then please check out her Facebook page.

On Sunday ‘The Beard’ and I caught the last 35mins of rugby which was probably the most eventful of the entire game. Unfortunately, one of the cats had to go to the vet as his little face was swollen and made him look like a chipmunk. Then later on we retired outside to watch the construction of the new bird feeder. Then a quick visit from Julia’s brother/sister-in-law and little nephew + cake, coffee and wine.

Sunday afternoon wine & water
Lots of cat and puppy cuddles before heading to the airport to come back to Auckland.

I really cannot believe that it is now less than a month until Christmas.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Exercise (Gym) Mojo or Lack There Of

I feel flat. I have really lost my exercise and/or gym mojo.

Between July 2013 and January 2014 I was nailing my exercise and probably averaging at least 20 x sessions per month. However, somewhere along the line I have lost the edge and am lucky if I manage 10 x sessions per month at the moment. I even backed out of doing the Sketchers 6K (for a number of reasons) which is the first event that I ever did and I have done it every year since it started.

Not doing as much exercise makes me feel really antsy and grumpy and on the eve of the 20thof November I feel a bit lost.

What happened? I think that I got complacent and less adventurous. I also stopped doing the number of walking events and training with other people.

With summer around the corner I want to take this opportunity to add some more exercise into my week/month and also branch out and try some different things and get back to 20+ x sessions a month.

My plan for the next few weeks: 

  • Try Power Hoop
  • Start doing some weights
  • Minimum of 4 x RPM classes a week
  • Walking with hills and stairs

What helps with your exercise mojo? What exercises do you love that you keep going back to time and time again?