Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2013....I am ready for you!

So the Sculpt 6k on Sunday 18th of November marked my last event for 2012. I am a little gutted that I did not actually manage to get 10 events completed this year. If I had completed all 6 of the Run Auckland series then I would have actually made it to a total of 11!

I am not going to beat myself up though as in 2011 I only did ONE event and I have increased this by 8! If I keep going like this then in 2013 I should be doing about 17 events.

You can see my initial list (and more in-depth blog) here.

What I have realised is that I love some of these events and now I have done a few I know which ones I want to do again and which ones I will definitely avoid. I honestly thought I would NEVER do Motutapu again especially when I was walking it and having to tell my feet to “keep going”, but I have just registered for this.

I am DEFINITELY wearing a cute outfit at the 2013 Sculpt 6K as a lot of women really got into it. I think the cutest outfit that we saw was 3 women dressed as cute little lady-bugs. I wish I had snapped a photo. Really want to get a team together for this as well.

Bring on 2013 I say!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Events 2012 vs. 2013

Sunday 28th October, 2012 ~ Adidas Auckland Qtr Marathon

This year I have done a few events. I thought that I had actually done more than 8, but apparently not. HOWEVER, it is still a lot more than what I have done in previous years which is nothing! I managed to do the 2011 Sculpt Women’s 6K and a few years ago I did the swimming component of a women’s event and that is about it.

To be honest I actually think that the Sculpt Women’s 6K got me thinking about doing more events and so I started signing up. Obviously, I did not think of doing anything in January and February.

I think that The Dual on the 24thMarch was the equivalent of about 10,000 events…well that is what it felt like when I was doing it. I actually did Round the Bays and thought “how hard could 10km on Motutapu be" …. I was so wrong!

What I have really learned is that you need to train for events even if it’s just walking every few days. I have done events with no preparation and suffered for days and I have done others which much more training, and I can honestly say that you need to prepare especially if you are carrying a lot of extra weight as it can be brutal on your body.

I have also learned that you cannot STOP training if the weather is bad, or if it is dark outside as you lose fitness and strength very quickly. I found myself wishing at times that I had never stopped training.

So this is 2012 vs. what I plan to do in 2013

18th March – Ports of Auckland Round the Bays (8.4km) Time: 1:39:41
24th March – Partner’s Life The Dual (10km) Time: 2:51:55
1st April – Omaha Classic (5km) Time: 0:55:02
15th April – Run Auckland | Waiatarua Reserve, Remuera (10km) Time: 1:57:44
6th May – Run Auckland | Musick Point, Bucklands Beach (10km) Time: 1:53:24
27th May – Run Auckland | Onepoto Domain, Northcote Point (10km) Time: 2:08:00
29th July – Run Auckland | Harbourview, Te Atatu Peninsula (10km) Time: 1:57:58
28th October – Adidas Auckland Marathon (10.55km) Time: 1:55:45
18th November – Sculpt Women’s 6K (6km) Time: 1:11:00

2013 (so far)
20th January - Westfield Albany Lakes SummerSeries Race 1 (10km) Time: 1:47:33
10th February - Westfield Albany Lakes Summer Series Race 2 (10km). Time: 1:51:02
3rd March - Westfield Albany Lakes Summer Series Race 3 (10km). Time: 1:48:05
10th March – Ports of Auckland Round the Bays(8.4km). Time: 1:36:49
17th March - Coatesville Classic (8km). Time: 1:33:07
23rd March – Partners Life Dual Motutapu (#1620) – Rangitoto Traverse (10km). Time: 2:37:18
14th April - Whenuapai Half Marathon (#0071) (10km). Time: 1:47:01
21st April - Orewa Beach Half Marathon (10.5km) Time: 1:59:20
12th May - Mazda ORock 6K Obstacle Course - (6km) Time: 1:14:14
20th July - Charity Spin Cycling Ride
13th September - The Crank 
17th November - Sculpt 6K (6km) Time: 107.14
30th November - Walking Stars (21km) Time: TBC

I found a fabulous website Running Events in Auckland.

Since getting back into walking at night (or in the mornings on the weekend) what I have noticed is that there are a lot of people that train together as a couple. It is actually really nice to see. Two weeks ago I saw two people running with their dog and from a distance I thought they were vomiting at the top of a hill….but nope they were just catching their breath and letting their gorgeous black Labrador have a pee.

The other couple that I see a lot is a woman that runs and her partner/husband/friend/brother etc. actually rides beside her. I thought “that is fabulous support and so safe for her”.

I have considered walking with Mark, but I appreciate the time on my own listening to music and processing my day at work. Also, he’s a lot fitter (and smaller) than me and is constantly saying “how about we run a bit” or “lets walk a bit faster”. It always frustrates me as I am still building my fitness level back up, however maybe I should not let it frustrate me and treat it like motivation to be better, faster, stronger.

What events are you interested in doing? Do you train with a partner or friend?