Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Little Glimpses of Happiness

You know the weekends that take forever to arrive and then they are over too fast? The long weekend that has just been (and gone) was one of those such weekends.

Mark went to Wellington to hang out with his family and Julia came up to Auckland from Wellington. Guess it is kind of like wife-swap with a twist.

Mark had a fabulous time as his sister, her husband and their gorgeous kids came over for a short visit. Judging by the 100+ photos that Mark took it looks like they all had an amazing time which included ten-pin bowling, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party, cake, pizza, more cake, party games etc.

Julia and I also had an incredible weekend that was packed to the limit with planned activities and impromptu things. We had a lot of salad, potato pom-poms, watched the Avengers, had Mexican, bought clothing/bras, had coffee/lunch with friends, discovered a great new French Cafe called 'petit bocal', saw my mum, ate cake, drank some alcohol, had a fleeting visit to the monthly Titirangi Market, played with kittens, saw Penny’s amazing new tattoos.

I even got Julia to watch ‘Pitch Perfect’; not sure if she was traumatised by that experience or not.

Sometimes weekends are little glimpses of happiness in an otherwise ordinary existence.