Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A towel or no towel...that is the question!

Okay, so realistically when I am at the gym I should really be concentrating on doing my exercise and not people watching. However, when doing cardio for 45 minutes at a time it’s hard not to look around to pass the time. What I have really noticed is the fact that quite a number of people don’t use towels when they work out. Personally I think that this is a bit gross.

I expect that most human beings sweat at some time or another. Just because you are skinny, doesn’t mean you don’t sweat! Also, the boys that are “too cool for towels”...get over it! I for one don’t want to have to get on a machine after someone has sweated all over it and not bothered to wipe it down for the next person. It really reminds me a bit of coming out of a Chemical Brothers concert dripping and realising that my t-shirt was not only wet from my sweat, but also the shirt-less, sweaty boys that were all around me. Pretty gross really!

So bring a towel people. It’s not that hard!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Quiz!

Got this quiz from girlwhoclicked's live journal...

Name 3 benefits you get from exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss.
1. More energy
2. Feeling of achievement
3. Proving to myself that I can find the motivation to choose life!

Name 3 things you like about exercising.
1. Increase in fitness
2. The music (how would I live without the perfect exercise selection on my iPod)
3. Seeing gym regulars

Name 3 things you could do to make your workouts more enjoyable.
1. Variety of exercises
2. Incorporate some outside activities i.e. cycling and tramping
3. Start doing some aerobics classes (boy have I missed those)

Describe your favourite exercise and why you like it.
Actually loving the Cross-trainer; when I first used this it was so hard and now I love it. Also, I love the fact that I can plug in my iPod.

What are some activities you'd try if only you were in better shape, stronger, more conditioned, etc.
Rock climbing, running, Body Attack, Body Jam, women’s triathlon, 40km bike around Taupo, Gymnastics!

Name your biggest obstacle to exercising. Now, name 3 ways to overcome it for your next workout.
1. Push past the “I don’t want to go to the gym” mindset
2. Changing the songs on my iPod
3. Coming home and getting into my gym gear straight-away and going out before I give myself the chance to change my own mind

Name some rewards you could give yourself for completing all your workouts for one week.
Beauty treatment
Putting my feet up and watching a DVD
Reading a book
Chocolate cake

Name some consequences for not doing your workouts.
Cleaning the house
Weeding the garden

Describe 3 ways in which exercise could improve your current and future quality of life if you did it consistently.
1. Being able to walk up a hill or stairs without feeling like dying
2. Live longer and sleep better
3. Feel and look better

What's your biggest fear when it comes to exercise? How realistic is this fear?
Honestly, I don’t think that I have one!!?

1st Wedding Annivesary

Well Mark and I just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. Firstly, I cannot believe that we were married a year ago; the time has just gone so fast! Secondly, it’s really amazing that we made it to our first anniversary considering the amount of “challenges” we had during our first year.

We ended up booking a night at The Westin Hotel, which we absolutely love (perhaps biased as my sister works for Starwood hotels in New York) and had a beautiful dinner out.

There wasn’t a whole lot of planning involved, so we walked from the hotel to the viaduct and looked at different restaurant options. The one thing that really frustrates me is when staff members from restaurants approach you when you are looking at the menu and kind of try and pressure you to come inside. This put me off some lovely restaurants. In the end we settled on Kermadec restaurant which was absolutely exquisite. We were able to look out over the water where all the big yachts are moored, and watch the mist roll in and then roll back out. It was kind of eerie watching the mist around the yacht masts.

The cheese board and port was absolutely to die for!

Then we went back to the hotel and watched some music videos, and then went to sleep. Woke up at around 9am and went and had a beautiful breakfast in the hotel.

Then we went home and chilled out and had Indian for dinner.

All and all, it was a fantastic day and night.