Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 19 – w/c Saturday 7th May, 2011

Saturday (07/05/11) ~ Day in bed.
 Sunday (08/05/11) ~ Lovely Mother’s Day brunch with Mark, Mum and dad at Palmers Garden Centre in Glen Eden. Love looking at plants and flowers.

Monday (09/05/11) ~ Today marked Mark and my 8 year anniversary. He got me a lovely heart Pandora charm.

Tuesday (10/05/11) ~ Gym in the evening. No photo.

Wednesday (11/05/11) ~ Busy work day. No photo.

Thursday (12/05/11) ~ Early morning gym appointment and a bonus free plant as we were leaving.

Friday (13/05/11) ~ Chris’s farewell Pizza & Beer party; awesome evening and finally got to meet Emma, Michelle and Steve properly. Emma lent me a Gena Showalter book to read. Emma, Michelle and I are starting a book club. #Excitement.

Week 18 – w/c Saturday 30th April, 2011

 Saturday (30/04/11) ~ Stayed in bed most of the day and watched TV. No photo.

Sunday (01/05/11) ~ Another day in bed with the cats. Found the photo boxes I want; love!

Monday (02/05/11) ~ Bad day which called for wine and Twitter.

Tuesday (03/05/11) ~ Install with a client. No photo.

Wednesday (04/05/11) ~ No photo.

Thursday (05/05/11) ~ More installs with clients. Blinds at work.

Friday (06/05/11) ~ Had a visit from a client on his last day at his job. No photo.