Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wellington Birthday Trip 2014

After 2013’s great pre-birthday Wellington celebration I decided to fly down for a quick weekend visit for a post-birthday catch-up for 2014..

Can I say that 3 days are not nearly enough to try and catch up with people that I/we know in Wellington? I did my best…HONEST!

I had a lovely time (as always) with Julia, Paul and the fur-babies which is always full of a lot of laughter, new music, more laughter, more new music, more laughter and some teasing! Oh and then this time there were many moments of joy while watching the native birds feeding at the bird feeders.

We also had a lovely high tea with another friend and her husband on Saturday at Louis Sergeant which was amazing. Also, discovered the best tea ever (and I am not a huge tea fan) called ‘City of Light’. After some research I think that it’s probably a Harney and Son’s tea called ‘Paris’ so I am on the mission to get some of that here in Auckland.

I caught up briefly with other friends on Sunday morning, saw their new house and had a good catch up. Also, saw my father-in-law beforehand which was great as I have not seen him since the wedding in late-February.

Other discoveries:

  • A TV Show called ‘Coupling’
  • #Selfie (song)
  • You can use hashtags for shit-loads of fun
  • Tui’s really have iridescent feathers
  • I have loads of ‘silly sayings' (Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner)
  • I cannot for the life of my co-ordinate using a step to get into a big car
  • What Spotify is going to bring to my life…more music!
  • I bloody love Wellington and need to go there more often; Mark said we are allowed to retire there!
  • I love homemade scarves/cowls
  • I still know how to apply mascara
  • You can buy Whisky online!! <-- and="" font="" for="" helpful="" is="" julia="" mark="" this="">