Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012-2013 List

On the 1st January 2007 I started a list of 100 things that I wanted to do in 2007; unfortunately I did not get every far.

I have just revised the list to see if I can actually start crossing things off it!
Ball Room Dancing
Ballet for Adults (Viva Latino)
Bikram Yoga
Body Attack Class
Body Jam Class
Do a Flick Flack
Hip Hop Class
Indoor rock climbing
Run nonstop for 20 minutes
Sh’Bam Class (22/05/12)
Walk the Milford Track
Walk to the top of Rangitoto

Bake a Cheesecake
Decorate a cake or cupcakes
Gingerbread house
Homemade sushi

Complete the photo albums
Eat crayfish in Kaikoura
Finish my quilt with mum
Go on the Picton Ferry
Go to a drive in movie
Go to Armageddon
Go to New York
Go to the Opera
Go up Sky Tower
Hold a formal murder mystery dinner party
Improve writing skills
Learn Maori
Learn my times tables
Learn to apply eye make up properly
Learn to back a trailer
Lose 20kg in 20 weeks
Make an outfit to wear
Mount some of our own photos on photo blocks
See Wicked in New York
Spend the day touring the Auckland Volcanoes (except Rangitoto)

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