Friday, July 19, 2013

Why I Ride

Ruth and I after a Friday classes; yes I do have a pink fluffy thing in my hair

I started doing RPM regularly at Les Mills Britomart back in April 2013 and have pretty much attended a minimum of 2 classes a week since then. It has actually grown to about 5-6 classes per week now. The only time I reduce is when I attend a MotivateMe NZ Shake Up on a Tuesday and Thursday for 6 weeks and then I cut down to 4 rides.

I can honestly say that I am addicted to RPM. I am addicted to the rush and addicted to the music and the instructors; Tony, Tommi, Brett, Nats, Donna and Hayley. I love the music! Seriously, it really is like aerobics on a bike! Also, I love the gals that I go with…Caroline and Ruth you rock!

I like the way RPM makes me feel. I think I am getting stronger. I do try and push myself harder even when it is difficult and I can barely breathe or push the peddles. This morning on the way to work I discovered a muscle in my arm that has obviously come from doing RPM and Pump regularly. Exciting!

For me RPM is like Bikram is for Megan. It is a clearing of the mind and a strengthening of my body and my will-power.

Tonight I am riding with others over a 24-hour block for charity, because we can. So think of me when I start my first 1-hour block at midnight tonight.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bikram Yoga, RPM and Ludus

So today marks the 7th day that I have exercised in a row; I am hanging out for Saturday 13th July when I can have a break and a sleep in.

Years ago I wrote a list of 100 things to do in a year; suffice to say that I did not manage to cross that many off. However, on Saturday I did manage to cross doing a Bikram Yoga class off my list.

A few months ago I brought a $20 voucher for 3 Bikram classes at Britomart (13 Commerce Street) and I had put off going until the voucher had nearly expired. My friend Penny said “okay, let’s go this weekend” and I said “sure”. As the day got closer I got a bit scared, however I have friends that do Bikram a lot who were really supportive.

So we go there and talked to the instructor who was lovely and explained some things i.e. you cannot leave the room and if you need a break just knee down. She also said to think of it as being on beautiful Tropical Island and doing stretches; can I say…it is NOT like that at all!

We walked in the room to get set up and it was like a full on heat wave and I thought “I cannot do this”. We sat outside until we were ready to begin.

One of my twitter/Facebook friends told me to clear my mind and focus on what I can do and relax…this did not really happen…sorry Megan!

Honestly, at about the third posture in I thought I was going to die or melt. I really thought the heat would do me in. I remember at one point looking down at my toes and thinking “wow they are actually sweating”.

I had to take a lot of breaks either lying down or sitting. However, I stayed in the room! At the end the instructor told me that I still did better than a lot of a people on their first time.

Once we had finished I actually felt pretty good and thought “I could do that again”.

What I will say is that I have so much more respect for the blogger who writes ‘My battle with becoming Bendy & Beautiful’. You are AMAZING. You are strong both physically and mentally and having gotten to know you a bit over the last little while I will bow down to your fantastic Bikram commitment! You rock. #Respect

So yes, I will do Bikram again!

Things that I reckon you should know:

  • All Bikram classes follow the same format and are 90 minutes
  • 26 postures done twice (not 1-26 and then another 1-26 like I thought)
  • The instructors talk you through rather than demonstrate so seriously Google Bikram postures and get accustomed to how they are done and watch others in the class
  • Rest if you need it
  • Be prepared for the heat and wear as little as possible
  • Hydrate beforehand and do not eat
  • If I can do can you!

Then on Sunday I did an RPM class which was nice and then went to another session of Ludus Magnus…I think that people thought I was crazy.

Honestly, I cannot do Burpees…I do not know if it is a mind thing or crappy core strength! I need to practice as I really want to be able to nail them! Also, planking…I need to practice that!  I have red knees as “for fun” we did team work and crawled under human arches. Seriously…..crawling! Also, Jan (from MMNZ) loved it and I said to her "you better not tell Delane about this".

My nutrition is still not great so Delane suggested 3 days clean and then 1 day more relaxed. So I am starting that this morning and will limit myself to 1 coffee and then have my lemon, honey, ginger, cider vinegar, coconut oil cold busting drink. Also, water and green tea! Have some snacks prepared and we are back on the Fit Me in Meals.

Now I need to start training for the half marathon that I want to do in April next year. It means training smarter to be able to run at least most of it. Last night I had a dream about running the Sculpt 6K…seriously if I am not exercising I am dreaming about it!!