Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Weddings and a Concert

Mark & I
We have had a pretty busy time lately. In 10 days we went to 3 weddings in different towns in NZ. We wore the same outfit to all weddings which was quite cool as there were no cross-overs with guests between weddings! I got my nails done with gel nail polish and they were awesome!

Wellington Wedding
The first was Mark’s youngest brother in Wellington on the 27th February and it was a lovely day spent catching up with some of our family. Then we flew back to Auckland and drove down to Gordonton in the Waikato for our friend’s wedding on the 1st March. Finally, we flew to Dunedin for a beautiful wedding in the Catlins on the 8th March.

Each wedding was quite different and unique; we feel blessed to have been able to attend them all.
Gordonton Wedding

We were quite nervous about the wedding down in the Catlins as we only knew the bride and groom however as soon as we arrived we were made to feel so welcome by the groom’s family. It turned out to be an incredible wedding where everyone mingled whether they knew each other or not. Plus the location was absolutely spectacular and it was probably quite good that no one could get cell phone coverage.

The Catlins Wedding

IIn the middle of the weddings we went to see Rudimental in concert in Auckland on Tuesday 4th March which was an incredible concert and only Mark’s 4th concert. I do wonder if we were the oldest people there. Mark actually commented the other day that he wished he had listened to a few more Rudimental songs before we went. Since the concert we have bought a few from iTunes that we really enjoyed.

So after a crazy few weeks of weddings I could not honestly say when or where the next wedding would be as we do not actually know that many people that are engaged.