Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fat Yoga

So today I plucked up the courage to book myself into Fat Yoga at the Kindness Institute.

I have been struggling over the last few years to find some different exercise options as we overdid RPM. Every time I think about going back to the gym, all I can think about is “oh we will be doing RPM every time” and that has put me off going back. Silly excuse really.

A few months ago, the Kindness Institute started Fat Yoga. It was so popular that it sold out pretty much overnight. Then the second round that they started was happening while I was away in the UK. Then I happened across their post on Monday this week that they were starting another on Wednesday 5th April. I paid and then booked and am looking forward to doing it with my bestie. I figure when trying something a bit different it is always good to have a ‘partner in crime’.

Booking on the 'Mindbody' app was so easy and straightforward and you can explore other exercise options! 
Stay tuned!

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