Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Blog a Day in a Month

So, I have nearly finished my 'blog every day for a month'. It has been challenging especially remembering when I was away.

I think I missed one day when I was flying to the UK. I did make up for it when I blogged twice on one day.

Some days have been easy to find topics and other days I have struggled.

All in all it has been great and I have been glad to be getting back into blogging again as I have missed writing.

I am going to try to blog a couple of times a week.


  1. I've been loving your blog a day series Ness!! And its lovely to see your beautiful face (eyes) X

    1. Awww thanks honey. I have been struggling to find topics on some days. I have loved your Instagram posts and the blog of your journey. xxxx :)