Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Feeling Uncomfortable

In London, I did not feel uncomfortable because of being overweight. There are just thousands of people either focused solely on where they are going or talking with friends. So, no one is paying attention to one another unless they are trying to avoid bumping into others.

Fast forward to Paris, France. Massive feeling of judgement here and some people are not afraid or bothered by expressing their disgust. As a first-time visitor to Paris it is a little distressing. Although, it makes me feel quite at home. I do not know if New Zealanders are so open about being disgusted but some other nationalities are.

On the flip side because the native language is French I probably do not know when people are insulting me or not so I expect that is a bonus.

Therefore I feel much happier in London.

What I will say, is that chivalry is alive and well in France. Men let women go first through doors that they are holding open. It makes a nice change.

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