Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jury Service

A few years ago, I was called for Jury Service. I did try and get out of it, however my reason for declining was rejected so I had to go.

I turned up on the Monday morning and bumped into a woman that I worked with several years ago.

We waited in a communal area to be called for selection. I waited for about an hour and then we were finally escorted into court for selection/rejection by the lawyers.

While I was waiting, I glanced over to see the guy next to me on his phone sexting. I thought “are you f**king kidding me”. You are sitting in court, having a sex conversation while we are waiting to be selected to decide someone’s future fate.

*eye roll*

Anyway, the jury was finally selected and we were walked through the case. Then we were ushered out of the court into the jury room off to the side of the court while the lawyers and judge discussed things that we were not allowed to hear. Honestly, I think that we spent more time out of court than in it.

Around mid-afternoon we were discharged from jury service as the defendant changed his plea.

We were told that we may need to come back on the Tuesday to see if we were required for any other trials. We found out later that we were not.

It was really interesting to see most of the process and I would definitely go again.

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