Friday, March 10, 2017

On my Own

For the first time I am on my own after work. Xander and Maria are flying home to their respective countries tonight and it makes me realize that I am already halfway through my training.

I remember I felt like this when everyone left after our wedding. and it makes me feel a little deflated. :(

I am sitting in the pub that we came to on Tuesday night for dinner and having some of the same food. It is these times when my day has ended and Mark etc. is just starting his day in NZ. Funnily enough even though I miss him and the cats, I do not feel home sick.
I did go and buy mark some cool short sleeved shirts from Marks and Spencer though.

Maria showed me her photos from London that she took at night and they are beautiful. Everything was lit up, so I am determined to take some photos of London at night. Whether that is on Saturday with Cate or next week when I am staying in Paddington. I also looked at bus tours where you can jump off and on so I can try and see several landmarks on Saturday morning. The other option is that I just go to Madam Tussauds and then meet Cate.

What to do....

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