Thursday, March 30, 2017

A Lovely Dance

For over a year I have been meeting with a psychologist to work through some “stuff”.

Tonight, we talked about how we need to start getting into the crux of the things that I want to sort out for myself. She likened what we have been doing as a ‘lovely dance’ which I thought was a great analogy.

To be fair, the last year has been full on with a lot of horrible stuff that has happened for us personally. It has followed a few years of nightmarish stuff that has occurred because of terminal illness and death. Without her, I honestly do not believe that I would have made it through the last year. She has provided a voice of reason and sanity at times when I thought that I could not go on. I know that friends and family also provide this was well; it is just nice to also talk to someone that is completely emotionally unattached to my life and learn strategies to better cope with things that come up in life.

If was to liken the current dance to a ‘waltz’ I think that the next few months will see me doing the ‘tango’ and then probably dancing solo for a bit.

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