Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do Zumba

Late on Sunday night my sister text me from Sydney to remind me to update my blog for 30 Days of Me; I was surprised that she was reading it. I explained I was thinking of doing another challenge and she “politely” reminded me to finish one list before starting another. So we came up with 30 Things in 60 Days using activities/things from my original list from 2007.

I have tried to pick some easy and hard things to do over the next 2 months so that it is not all plain sailing. Once I get through the initial 30 by 27th November 2010 then I can select another 30 until I have finished my list. Any suggestions for things I could add are more than welcome!

Last night Andrea (@dlishblog) organised a Zumba Tweet Up at Viva Latino on Newton Road. They actually have a huge range of different classes and I would be interested trying some of these as well (Hip Hop classes are on my original list).

Karly and I joined Andrea and the rest of the class for a fun-filled 1 hour Zumba class. I was nervous about the class all day, however I felt really relaxed when we got there and the instructor was lovely!

My fitness is still quite low and I am pretty uncoordinated but I still really enjoyed the class. Many of the Zumba moves are classic aerobics moves i.e. grapevine; so in that respect it was easy to follow. However, the movement using the waist and hips had me stumped. It is something that I am really going to have to get the hang of! I was kind of fascinated by the instructor’s crazy black tassels on her hot-pink Zumba pants. To be fair I was looking at her butt because I was trying to understand which part of her body she was using to get her booty shaking like that!

The choice of hypnotic Latin beats certainly made me feel as though I was in another world. It made me envisage low-rider cars in the hot sun with radios blaring and children on street corners playing under water spray from fire hydrants.

Would I do Zumba again…DEFINITELY! It was high energy, high fun and I love being able to feel like I am at a nightclub without staying out until 2am! My boss even said I could borrow their Zumba DVD to have a practice. Look out people…I will get the hang of shaking my booty!!

P.S. I also believe that Zumba should be an option in Physical Education programs in New Zealand schools. As I child/teenager I absolutely abhorred running and would have much rather done aerobics, swimming or even a dance class. Seriously, New Zealand sit up and take note that we should be promoting exercise as fun and understand that not all children are built to do cross-country!


  1. You have to do it again because we have to do it together!

  2. I love zumba too ... though I'm yet to get my booty shaking like the instructor. It's so fluid, isn't it? My hips have fused due to arthritis so I'm really stiff there ... but these are exactly the kind of moves that helps. It's exercise AND it's fun, can't beat that!

  3. I would go to Zumba, but only to keep you guys amused. Everyone needs comic relief :D

  4. I totally agree about the PE. I LOVED indoor hockey and aerobics but we only got to do them once in a blue moon. I would have happily done PE 5 times a week if I knew that's what I'd be getting.

    As for Zumba... Viva Latino is great for it, but it leave me completely pooped and the mirrors are a HUGE put off! ;)

  5. @Mary - yes definitely want to do Zumba with you :)

    @Bronnie - it was fantastic! I can't wait until I am fitter so I enjoy it even more.

    @Liz - a Geek doing Zumba...cute :)

    @Kat - See you get it re: PE in schools. I hated running; still do! I just think if you want children to enjoy exercise then find things that they like. If they get the mix right, then it should be compulsory until 7th form. As for the mirrors at Viva Latino...mmm "ugh". I was behind a few people so it wasn't too bad.