Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

I was really reluctant to write a letter to someone who has hurt me recently. To be fair, most things I just tend to deal with by going inside myself until I can “heal”.

My one biggest failing is that often I cannot “tell” people if they have upset or hurt me.

Dear xxx,

You and the organization nearly broke me when I quit volunteering last year; I actually never thought I would recover. You accused me of putting my relationship with RT first and that, that affected my actions as a committee member.

I wish I had, had the strength to stand up to you like the bully you are and tell you that you did exactly the same things with your friendship with xx. You sheltered her under your wing and somewhat turned a blind eye to things that she did that went against certain committee policies. You hypocrite! Even 18 months down the track I still regret not saying the things (to you) that I really felt about the whole situation.

Sometimes I cannot believe I wasted 2 ½ years of my life which nearly broke me and my marriage. However, if I had not spent the time when I would have never met RT and never helped save and re-home the numbers that we did. So that is a huge positive.

I do not think that I am blameless, and accept responsibility for my actions that were wrong. Nevertheless, I am surprised that as an adult you could act like a teenager.

I want to move on and cast aside my hurt and hopefully this letter will help me on my way; because it is time to MOVE ON!



  1. Its never to late to send the email! :D

  2. Honestly, it wouldn't be worth it. Bullies never learn and it would cause more aggression from her.