Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

It is pretty basic really; just “bits and bobs” about me that people may or may not find interesting. The main reason I started a blog was because I was so inspired by amazing New Zealand (and some overseas) bloggers. I figured if someone liked or “got” something from reading my blog then it would be worth it. I also enjoy writing and it seemed like a good way to improve my writing skills and also I have found it rather cathartic.

NessasBLChallenge – this is a fitness and weight loss blog. My cousin and her close friends did a Biggest Loser style challenge to lose weight and change their lifestyles. I was inspired by their commitment and creative way of approaching these changes i.e. for my cousin’s birthday party they couldn’t just sit around they had to be active and play games and move. The result was a party that ended at around 2am after a huge effort on the High School musical dance mat! I was also motivated by the contestants in The Biggest Loser Australian Couples season that I decided to embark on my own challenge with some friends.

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