Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 24- A letter to your parents

Dear Mum and Dad,

I just want you to know just how much I love you both. You are both such incredible people. You have supported me throughout my life and shown me want it means to be part of a loving, caring family.

I do not spend as much time with you as I want to and really want to rectify that. Dad getting sick last year really made me realize just how short life is. I feel blessed that you are both well and still here!

Mum you inspire me constantly. You are 70 but you remind me that people are only as “old as they feel”. About 4-5 years ago you joined a gym and now you love it. I love that you went to university when I started school and completed your BA and then an MA. When you went to Africa in 1982 you chose to try and obtain the name of my birth mother in case something happened whilst you were away. I am truly sorry for all the hurtful things I said when I hit my teenage years; I cannot take them back but I can try and make up for them by loving you every single day. I love that you are a crazy Irish chick and really love St Patrick’s Day. You are a strong, beautiful woman.

Dad you have an amazing knowledge of the world and I feel blessed that you are my father. I remember once asking if you ever regretted not having a biological daughter, to which you replied “you are my daughter”. You also told me how disappointed you were after I flawed my first year of University and that prompted me to prove you wrong in my second year. I love how you get delighted when I bring you new bottles of wine to try. I love that you played a witch in a pantomime. I love that you get teary when you feel a huge amount of emotion. Dad you rock!

Mum, dad I am often flawed by your sense of humour! Often you both make me laugh so hard that I cry. You love a huge variety of television from ‘Crapston Villas’, ‘Green Wing’ to ‘Outrageous Fortune’ and ‘Gilmore Girls’. You get so much out of every movie you watch and often watch a movie 2-3 times plus the special features.

You are both extraordinary, kind people and I love you more than words on a page can show.

Love and loads of hugs

Vanessa Jane Liddell

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