Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cupcakes4Cantabs Update

So I have had a huge response from Twitter and Facebook and also some gorgeous strangers regarding Cupcakes4Cantabs. I will do a separate blog thanking all the people that have supported this worthwhile #CupQuake fundraiser. << Download the flyer and send it to your address book!!

I wanted to do a quick update about what is happening.

Monday 13th September is Cupcakes4Cantabs day where I will (along with others) be selling cupcakes and cakes to raise money for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. 100% of the donations made go to this appeal.

I just said to Mark this evening “you know if we lived in Christchurch I would be out there helping and cleaning up and probably offering our hospitality to people”. Living in Auckland has its limitations in terms of physical assistance, so money is definitely the way to go.

A number of people really want to be involved, but have felt that they cannot as they are not in Auckland. When I thought of this idea my “bigger picture” plan was that people from all over New Zealand could get involved if they had the time to make 12 or 24 cupcakes and sell them to friends, family and workmates. I baked 100 cupcakes for the SPCA Cupcake day and we made $200 and that was mainly selling to people that we knew. So I figure you do not even have to really leave the comfort of your office if you do not want to.

So my challenge to those people who want to help but do not live in Auckland is to bake a batch or 2 of cupcakes and get selling!! Even if you just bake 12 you could make $24 and to be honest, that could probably feed a couple of Christchurch families’ dinner, or replace their toiletries, or provide enough bottled water for 12 people.

If 100 people baked 12 cupcakes and sold them for $2 each that would be a whopping $2,400!! Imagine how many dinners, toiletries or bottled water that would buy! You get the picture. Besides, who doesn’t have $2 to buy a beautiful, homemade cupcake to help New Zealanders.

The details:
So if you want to help out selling, baking or buying cupcakes or cakes then please let me know or 021 525 691.

Twitter Username: @nessliddell
Twitter Hashtag is: #Cupcakes4Cantabs or #CupQuake
Twitvite is:
Facebook Event:
When: Monday 13th September 2010
Where: Newmarket, Te Atatu...other areas TBC
Cost: $2 per cupcake or 3 for $5. Additional donations are welcomed. Note: Money will go straight to the Red Cross.

So tell your friends and family and let’s try and raise as much money as we can!!

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