Monday, September 27, 2010

30 Things in 60 Days

A few years back I made a list of 100 things to do in a year...suffice to say I didn't do them all. So once the 30 Days of Me blogging challenge is up I am going to embark on 30 Things in 60 Days. I am going to do 30 things from my list over 60 days and blog as I go.

Here is my
full list and I would like to add some more things to get it to 100.

The first 30 in alphabetical order:
At least one blog per week
Body Attack Class
Build a gingerbread house
Clean the car
Climb a tree
Create a new cocktail
Do 5 RPM classes
Do Zumba - CompletedEnter a radio competition
Get something published in any newspaper i.e. article or letter to the editor
Gilmore Girls marathon
Go to a Sh'Bam Class
Go to a Housie Night
Go to Garage Sales on a Saturday morning - Completed
Go to the driving range
Go up Sky Tower
Have a picnic in the garden with the cats
Hold a formal murder mystery dinner party
Learn to make homemade sushi
Learn to make meringues
Make an art or craft item and sell it on Trade Me
Make an outfit to wear
Make and decorate a cake or cupcakes
Plant a tree
Play softball (with MrTee?)
Prepare Tofu for Mark and get him to eat it
Read The Hobbit
Spend the day touring the Auckland Volcanoes (except Rangitoto)
Try Bikram Yoga
Try Pilates


  1. What a great list so far. I'm sure MrTee would love to help you with your softball one :)

  2. I wish I could go to Armageddon :-( But I will next year.

    I can help you on the tofu front. I have many a recipe that even the most dedicated carnivore will love :-)

  3. Here's a tofu recipe I frequently make for non-tofu eaters. They ALWAYS love it. The bonus is that it's super-simple as well.

    Tofu Balls

    1 x block tofu
    1 egg
    2 tbsp flour (add more if mixture too wet to roll into balls)
    handful parsley finely chopped
    garlic crushed (as much as you fancy)
    salt/pepper - plenty

    Put all of above in processor/blender and whizz till smooth (or laboriously mash it all together by hand)

    Roll into golf sized balls with wet hands

    Meanwhile have a pot of tomato mixture simmering away - either use one of the jars of tomato sauce - the Leggos one is nicest I think, or you can do the usual garlic/onion/canned tomato/tomato puree sauce the long way and make sure you sex it up with herbs & seasonings.

    Once the sauce is nicely simmering away gently drop each tofu ball in individually whilst shaking the pot so they don't stick together (they don't tend to - they kinda cook like dumplings). Gently cook for about 15-20mins, if you boil it too hard-out they will fall to pieces - not an attractive look.

    Serve over spaghetti or whatever pasta takes your fancy (it's nice once you've drained the pasta to put in some olive oil & crushed garlic to flavour up the pasta - tofu can be kinda bland!

    Nice served with freshly grated parmesan & a salad.

  4. Nice stuff! I have The Hobbit if you wanna borrow it!

    Also, meringues are REALLY easy :) Just remember you need a clean bowl, clean whisk, and clean egg whites (i.e. no grease/fat/egg yolk).

    Ooo, and homemade sushi is so good! You can find a pack at Countdown in the international aisle.

    And I thought you already made and decorated some cupcakes for the cupquake?

  5. @Teena - yes I think that I might need MrTee's assistance with the softball one.

    @Denise & @Kat - thank you for the Tofu suggestions. Going to give the balls a whirl. Will blog about how I get on.

    @Kepa - Yes, I will borrow your copy of The Hobbit. We have a family member that makes the most amazing if mine are almost at her level then I will be happy. I have the Sushi kit's...just need to get the fresh salmon and have a go. Yes, I have made and decorated cupcakes, but I really want to have a go with proper butter icing and a piping bag xx.