Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 09 and #CupQuakes

I decided to do something for the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal for all the lovely people in Christchurch. So along with a couple of others we baked about 40 dozen cupcakes and we were given almost 5 dozen from Delish Cupcakes.

I baked my final batches of #CupQuakes last night and today sent a mix of 30 chocolate-chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to Dave. I am not sure if I ever want to see another cupcake....well at least for a few days.

I have been overwhelmed by the support from the Twitter community and friends and family. Thank you for your words of encouragement, your retweets and unwavering support. xxx

At last count (Thursday 16th September) we had raised $805.50 ($194.50 off my target of $1,000)!! I will update this total if it changes. Once I have all the money in then I will do one huge transfer directly to the Red Cross.

For me, one of the most amazing things was that we were able to donate 100% of the money raised to the Red Cross. I know that people have worn a lot of the cost of baking to make this possible.

Given the short space of time that this was organised; I thought of it on Wednesday 8th I have been amazed by the response and support from the Twitter community, friends and family.

So I would like to thank the following people who have helped make this huge feat possible by giving their time selflessly.

Designing the #Cupcakes4Cantabs flyer:
The beautiful @MorganHerself

The bakers and decorators:
Your generosity and the time spent helping were greatly appreciated! @Teena2003, @Wendywings and Miss8, @omakiwi and @stockhausens. Also, to @claireatitc and her team of bakers at the International travel Collage (@itcnz); your support and enthusiasm were fabulous.

Tweeps who brought cupcakes:
@AdrianKitto @ActivePhysioAlb @jillporternz @CateOwen @venzann @nzdeany @blimeychrissy @Rachel_JC @cameocreams @andreawong_nz @cathmarygeorge @getageloc @rgoodchild and Dan

Tweeps who didn’t buy cupcakes but donated:
@bestblooms and @adagebusiness

Amazing Businesses
To @delishcupcakes who kindly gave us their beautiful cupcakes in a HUGE range of Amazing flavours and dropped them off first thing on Monday. If you want cupcakes these are the girls to go to!!

To @UrgentCouriers who wanted to do something to help the people of Christchurch and offered 5 Auckland deliveries to help get dozens of cupcakes to their buyers. P.S. all the cupcakes arrived safe and sound.

Check out some other New Zealanders raising money to help Cantabrians here
I hope this has inspired others to do a little bit to help out where they can.
PS I hope to try and make up the difference to get to $1,000 by selling some things that we no longer use at home.

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  1. I had a vanilla one for my desert and it was excellent. You've done a fantastic job, Vanessa. Go, girl!