Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

Mark and I do not have kids at the moment, but we have fur-babies; six to be precise. This was a good blog topic as I already wanted to write about the Oldfield-Liddell “crew”. To be fair Mark and I love them so much.

Daisy (aka Fatty) – Daisy is our original girl. She is a beautiful tabby-torti and has a streak of grumpy. She is obese and is currently on a diet. She has a think for laser lights and loves to play with hair-ties and plastic bags.

Ollie (aka gay boy) – Ollie is Daisy’s brother and he is such a sweet, gentle cat (except when bullying Kitty-Kat). He is a stunning ginger-tabby. His favourite TV show is ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ and he has cuddle time with me at night; in fact he is all over me like a furry leech.

Max (aka Bully) – Max was our very first rescue cat and is super intelligent and a bit of a bully. He is a huge (not fat) tabby and white cat. He loves watching motorsport when he is not napping!

Bob (aka pyscho) – Mark and I saved Bob from death as a furry little 350gm kitten. He can be a sweet little cat, but can turn in an instant if he gets a fright. He is cross-eyed and he’s Mark’s favourite; they have cuddles a lot. He has striking black and white fur.

Kitty-Kat (aka quiet one) – I knew that we would eventually keep Kitty-Kat when I cried every-time my friend Raewyn tried to find her a home. She is the cutest, most placid little girl and is a bit of a loner. She loves playing with my hair and playing under the long grass in summer. She is like a furry slinky, as you can do absolutely anything with her!

Whitey (aka Wooly) – When we moved into our new place Whitey just turned up one day and she has stayed with us ever since. She is pure white and often has oil splotches from the 4WD next door. She has grumpy moments and she only interacts with Bob, as we keep her separate from the rest. Mark calls her Wooly as her fur smells like wool.

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