Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

How am I different from everyone else? If I look at things/personality traits/facts etc. individually then I am not different from other people; however if I look at myself as a whole then I am unique.

I adore water and would rather be in the water than on it i.e. in a boat

I am 178cm tall

I am a Leo on the cusp of Cancer and I have traits from both signs

I am adopted

I am left-wing; but have only voted Labour once

I am of German, Samoan and Swiss descent

I am the only Vanessa Liddell (now Oldfield) that I know

I got married in Waipu Cove in the middle of winter (28th June) and I made our wedding party cross a freezing cold estuary in June

I hate boats

I have been happily married for 2 ½ years

I have been in love three times

I have no problems with women breastfeeding, but I do not want to breastfeed

I have two nieces, two nephews and another niece on the way

I love cats

I love living in New Zealand

I love my family

I want children

My cousin Rachel came to live with us when she was 14; she is the closest thing that I have to a sister other than my biological sisters

My oldest friends are Chev and Jen and I have known them since I was 14

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