Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Project 52 – Week 11

11th – 17th March

On Saturday we went to the zoo. For most people this is probably quite normal especially if you have children. However, personally I have a huge problem with zoos; over the years I have stayed away. The last time I went was when I was about 11/12 which was almost 25 years ago. Crazy right?

Our friend came up from Wellington with her beautiful little girl Niamh and decided to catch up with friends at the zoo. So I thought that 25 years was long enough and also I love her daughter to bits; so I said “we are in”.

So Mark, Lou, Niamh, Wendy, Rebecca, Ashley and I spent about 5 hours at Auckland zoo.

It was fantastic.

I got to see flamingo’s which was pretty cool; as if I would ever get to see them in their natural habitat
Inadvertently activating the sleepy Meerkat’s “startle” reflex
The big cats; they are just bigger version of our babies
I love that the cheetahs can run in the elephant enclosure
The red panda’s…I want one!!

Do I still have an issue with animals in captivity? Yes, absolutely. But perhaps zoos are a safe place for animals that are endangered.


  1. OK - you have whetted my appetite for a trip to the zoo! It's been years for me too and I must admit that I love watching the meerkats in action :-)

  2. Honestly was so exciting! I have the opportunity to go again in April and I think I probably will :) Love animals so much.