Monday, March 5, 2012

Progress Update

So it has been almost a week since we started back at the gym. It is going pretty well. I have updated my training schedule to reflect what I did last week. To be honest I am pretty proud of myself.

My body was so tired on Thursday night I was giving my legs a pep talk while riding “you can do it”, “you’ve got this”. I managed to do about 7.5km and then I wanted to have a wee lie down.

My feet have been quite sore so rubbing them makes me feel happy!

I completely missed doing exercise on Saturday so I may need to schedule a break into my week…or at least just allow for a slightly easier day so that my body recovers.

On Sunday I tried Zumba at home. Seriously, my hips just do not move like they are supposed to!! It is like I stopped going to nightclubs and I have forgotten how to dance/move.

I am tracking all my exercise in #RunKeeper and my food (and exercise) in #MyFitnessPal. It makes me accountable which is what I need.

This morning at the gym I was inspired by the woman next to me to stride faster on the elliptical trainer. She was seriously on FIRE for 6.15am! She was also a third of my weight. *sigh*

This week I am going to push myself a bit harder with exercise i.e. walk a bit faster, stride a bit faster etc.

I also need to seriously focus on what I am eating; as that is still a big problem. So we have great healthy, low-fat meals planned. I have found when I am busy at work I do not constantly think about food. So this week it is also about keeping my brain busy and distracted.

Favourite healthy snacks are:
Kellogg’s Special K Muesli Bars
Carrots and Hummus
Cherry tomatoes
Sakata Wholemeal/wheat crackers and Hummus

What are your favourite healthy snack/s?

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