Monday, March 26, 2012

10km Dual on Motutapu

I thought I had fallen off the exercise wagon the previous week, but last week I definitely fell off and I fell hard. We only made it to the gym twice and then I did the 10km Dual on Motutapu Island.

I am not going to focus on my lack of exercise last week but rather my achievement on Saturday in completing the Dual.

About 2 minutes into the start of the 10km I realised that I had NOT fully understood what I was getting myself into. My legs were burning, my heart rate was up and I was gradually falling to the back of the line.

But I did not give up.

I made it to the first water station at 2.2km and thought “there are only 7.8km left; how bad can it be”. Oh it got worse! I knew that there were going to be hills, but did not prepare myself for the almost vertical downward climbs over farm land. It took intense concentration not to roll an ankle and I ended up feeling like a mountain goat.

There were parts when I just wanted to give up, but I did not. At one stage with about 3-4km left I was talking to my legs and saying “you have got this, just keep taking steps as this will bring you closer the end”. I am amazed at what the human body can deal with. I am proud of what my body was able to do. Proud because at 148kg I was probably the biggest person competing and I still managed to finish without injury and not have a heart attack.

I know that I am definitely fitter than I was in November as there is no way I could have done this walk then. I managed to complete the walk in 2 hours and 52 minutes; not ideal but still under 3 hours. I know that had I been walking on the road I would have done it in just over 2 hours.

Aside from my own inner voice/strength there were a couple of things that really got me through. One was thinking of close friends who are doing so well and are committed to their journey. I thought of you both a lot. The second was the inspiration quotes, photos etc. from a Facebook page that I have just started following Fitness Goddesses. Unbelievably, their quote on Saturday (NZ time) hit the nail on the head regarding what I felt; so it was timely that I read this straight after the walk.

I will definitely be doing the 10km Dual next year and I will be fitter, stronger and I will definitely do it in a shorter amount of time.


  1. I'm really proud of your firstly for doing that event and second because you are focusing on what you have achieved! You did so well doing what you did and i'm sure next year there will be a massive difference in your fitness level

  2. Thanks honey. You know that I couldn't have done it without your words of support etc. :D xx

  3. Thanks Liz. That means so much coming from you :)

  4. Well done Ness!!!!!!!!
    You didn't give up and you finished it - who cares about the time!

    It sounds contrite to say I'm proud of you - but I am sure damn proud to know you xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Tara. I feel the same way about you. I always wanted to dive, but never did. I totally admire who you are and what you do :) xxx