Thursday, March 29, 2012

Still off the wagon

This week was meant to be better in terms of exercise. So far I have only done one walk and one cross-training session at the gym. Seriously I am a SLACKER. I think I am getting a bit ho-hum with cross-training at the gym which means it is time to change things up a little so I remain excited about the gym. Or I could just work harder and challenge myself.

Things to try in the next few weeks:
  • RPM – going to brave the wilds of the RPM room and get stuck in and burn some serious calories
  • Group Fitness – I am going to bite the bullet and do a few aerobics classes and may even try Body Attack
  • Resistance training – write up a program for resistance training as I have not done any this year and do not want to waste the good work I did last year. Resistance for me will also include step-ups (unavoidable) and probably skipping to keep my heart rate up

I went shopping this morning for some healthy snack and breakfast alternatives after being inspired by late night texts from a friend. She encouraged me to give cottage cheese another go. Honestly, the thought of cottage cheese reminds me of doing Weight Watchers as a teenager (((shudder))). However, I bit the bullet and tried some garlic and chive cottage cheese on corn cruskits. Not bad. It is pretty low fat and it is another form of protein which I think I need.

You can also see the other goodies that I bought in the photo above. Can I just say that the Collective Dairy yoghurt is beyond amazing; it is out of this world. You have to try the Summer Coconut before it is all gone!

I also got some Ceres Tamari roasted Almonds. The problem is, is that they are so moorish and fairly high in calories. So I have decided that this weekend I will attempt to make Roasted Pimentón Chickpeas from The Curvy Carrot website. I figure they are lower calories and a good source of protein.

Just got an email with the photos of me from The Dual; yuck! I am contemplating buying one to throw darts at...or as inspiration for next year!

There is a set of killer stairs that I walk up and down during my nightly walks. I am pleased to say that on Monday I managed to walk them without my heart rate going above 167bpm. This is something to be celebrated as normally my heart rate can hit the low 170’s. Quietly patting myself on the back. 

I am quietly dreading the end of daylight savings. It means that I need to get home earlier to walk while it is still light or walk home along the road. 

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