Thursday, March 22, 2012

What would you do/not do as a job?

When the recession kicked in a few years ago and people started losing their jobs left, right and centre it got me thinking about my work and career.

I love what I do and given that I used to tidy up product on shelves in the supermarket when I was about 5 years old; my job certainly makes a lot of sense. I also ‘merchandise’ my books by author and by the number in the series. Actually, this possibly speaks more to my OCD than anything else!

What jobs would I consider if there was not a similar role (to the one that I am doing now) available? Honestly, I think that I would do almost anything. If it meant having to work 2-3 different jobs then I would do it. When looking for jobs there are some definite factors that I would take into account.

Location - I would not work further than Mt Wellington as I spent 5.5 years driving from West Auckland out to Manukau and I would never do that again. I do not particularly want to move out of West Auckland.

Type of job/company – I could never be a Butcher, a telemarketer or work for a freezing works. I would never work for a company in direct competition to my current or previous company. I love the children of my friends and family however I do not think I could work with children; ironic given that I wanted to be a teacher.

Otherwise, I am pretty flexible:
  • I would love to work for a New Zealand owned company
  • I am happy to do cleaning; commercial and/or domestic
  • Happy to pick up rubbish in public areas
  • I would love to work with the road crews; I am obsessed with holding the stop/go sign!
  • I would happily work in hospitality, customer service, administration, retail or for a supermarket
  • Working in a video or book store would be my ultimate job

With the current job climate in NZ and the world….what would you do/not do?

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