Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Life should have an Undo Button

I was talking to my cousin a little while ago and she remarked that sometimes she says things and then as soon as they are said she thinks “oh I should not have said that”. I said “I wish there was an undo button for life”.

Over the years I have realised that having an undo button for life would make things so much better. It would mean that I could live my life without having to edit-proof a lot of the things that come falling out of my mouth.

I have inadvertently blurted things out to people before and then thought “oh hell…UNDO” only to realise that there is no UNDO!

Since there is no way that we are going to get an Undo button I think it is best that I learn to edit my words before they come out of my mouth. Or try and get the mess that is my thoughts in order.

Do you wish Life had an Undo Button?


  1. I could have used one on more than one occasion but then I found the "eh, Fuck it" button :D