Thursday, September 22, 2011

3 months, 4 days

Jumped on the scales this morning and I am the same weight. I am not sure whether I should be happy about this or not. Suffice to say that my behaviour last week was not conducive to getting fitter and losing weight. We went to a party on Saturday night and I drank WAY too much and then had Hell’s Pizza (which incidentally was gross as I have been spoilt by my sister’s amazing homemade pizza) and woke up on Sunday morning feeling like shittles. I had some toast and a coffee and then ended up going on a food bender with a burger, fries, coke and then party food. So it is AMAZING that I did not put on weight.

After a pretty good workout this morning Mark and I had a conversation and it went a bit like this:
Ness: “we need to go to the gym tomorrow morning too”
Ness: “so we really need to be coming to the gym more”
Mark: “it’s hard to get up in the morning; it’s hard to come at night….”
Ness: “suck it up (cupcake)”

I will let you know if we make it to the gym in the morning (Friday).

Yesterday on the radio during their ‘I Like’ segment:
Female Caller: “I like the new homeopathic diet I am doing as I have lost 3kg in a few days by using the product and also eating 500 calories”
DJ: “500 calories isn’t enough (sic) and of course you are losing weight….when will people understand that it’s about energy in, energy out”
Female caller: “I am burning up my stored fat”

I am not a qualified professional, but I think that she is possibly burning a little stored fat, but also lean muscle mass because she’s simply not eating enough. Even the Biggest Loser contestants eat approximately 1000-1200 calories per day.

So honey how about washing those measly 500 calories down with some Lemon Detox Diet yumminess!

My friend Liz realised very quickly into changing her lifestyle that eating too few calories was prohibiting her weight loss; so she read up more and realised it was about burning more calories than you were eating. 

What sends all your good food and exercise 'train' off the rails?

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