Thursday, September 1, 2011


In July I got the flu. It initially started as a cold and then quickly spread to my chest. I had to go to Sydney for work and this set my recovery back. I had to take two courses of antibiotics and go to the doctor twice. Despite loading up on vitamins and good food it took me about 4 weeks to recover.

This shocked me. I never get sick and if I do I recover really fast. It made me realise that while my age has somewhat held my ‘health’ in check over the years it is suddenly catching up on me. It is clear to me that I need to do something drastic to reduce my weight for the long-term and get healthier.

To put it bluntly I am eating FAR more than I am burning.

I went back to see my personal trainer after about a month and a half off and we set some goals. The biggest one is to get back on track with my exercise and eating and have a goal for Christmas. So I weighed in (and I have gained about 6-8 kgs since the beginning of the year) and that sucked; but it is a starting point.

I then committed to myself and my trainer that I would not gain any more weight and I would endeavour to lose 25kg (or at minimum 10% of my body weight) by the end of the year.

My trainer also told me that I need to be exercising twice a day whether it is a couple of 30 minute walks, or a bike ride etc. and I need to be planning my meals.

I know what to do. I know about exercise. The area where I fall down is planning.

I have been bringing my lunch to work and making sure that I have healthy snacks available to eat. I am making sure that I do some more activity when I get home first with a bike ride on Tuesday night and then a walk up the road on Wednesday.

I am doing the 6km Sculpt walk with my trainer and friends in early December.

I have been watching The Biggest Loser Australia 2011 (Families) via their website as quite frankly I got sick of waiting and WAITING for it to be aired in New Zealand. Hopefully you can view these here on their website.

While watching I saw an episode where one of the contestants eats this crazy, creamy pasta for breakfast every day. I just about threw up and then realised that pasta is my absolute downfall and is probably a huge reason why I am eating way too many calories. You can see the preview “clip” here (the pasta bit is right at the end). 

Anyway…that is where I am at. How about you?

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