Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Turned a Corner

I met with my personal trainer at the gym this morning and at the end of my treadmill cardio session she told me she felt I had “turned a corner” in my training.

Why had I turned a corner? Well this was one of the first times that my  heart rate did not go above 160bpm and it was also coming down faster during the rest intervals. It does not sound a lot to be excited about; but believe me she was! It means that my recovery from my maximum heart rate is getting better and therefore my fitness is gradually improving.

I have been a bit slack with my cardio workouts and while I love the cross-trainer with a passion; my personal trainer has been getting me to do interval training on the treadmill. I hate it. It is really hard. Although I think about how well they do on the Biggest Loser and I just push through. I do not know if other people find this, but when the speed is increased I feel like my legs can barely keep up with the treadmill belt. I have visions of flying off….which would be quite funny although quite painful. Also, I am determined not to hold onto the handles as there are "no handles in life".

A few months ago I did a few interval sessions on the treadmill interspersing running and walking. Trust me…this was a challenge but oddly enjoyable. I can understand the sense of accomplishment that Kate felt when she finally ran solidly for 20 minutes. For those people that run all the time it might seem much, but to people that have not run (or do not run) it is huge.

I need to start doing more cardio so that the Sculpt 6k on the 4th December is a breeze. I also need new walking/training shoes.

When did you realise you had turned a corner in your exercise regime?

I received my first book to review from Penguin! I have already made a start and it is awesome! In addition to the Penguin books I think that I might start reviewing some of the other books I read and really enjoy.

What book or books are you reading at the moment?

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