Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Things that Have Almost driven me MAD

Over the past 1-2 years there have been three things that have nearly driven me crazy. They cause me huge peaks of emotion. I feel intense sorrow and then cold fury. I have resisted blogging about them because I have not felt that it was right to write down my feelings, however I believe that in order for me to start to move on to a better place that now is the right time.

The Workplace
This is not about my workplace (I love my job) but the workplace of a friend.

Every time you come to me about your work I can feel my anger start to grow. I want to clap my hands over my ears and scream. I want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon (King Lear reference right there).

Our conversations often start out calm and I listen and try and provide advice and words of support. But then I see the same problems crop up in your day all the time. It pains me to see you struggling with the situation, but I feel I have no more to offer you. Our conversations often end in me getting angry and frustrated and a lot of swearing.

I loathe your employer and your boss (and past boss) to such a degree that I feel I cannot be the supportive person that you need to talk to. I cannot be impartial anymore and just hope that you have the strength to do what is right and move on.

Your last boss was an evil, evil bitch. She did damage to you and I strongly believe she did damage to your potential career growth within the company.

So, I will try and support you a little, but do not expect too much. At the end of the day I feel that the company you work for is horrible and definitely not a healthy place to work. Hopefully, you will come to this realisation and be able to move on.

Disclaimer: I do not have a problem with people that need to receive benefits and this blog is not about bagging people who need them.

A few years ago you were made redundant. Then your partner resigned. I was gobsmacked. In a recession why resign just because your partner was made redundant.

You tried to get jobs and failed. You were not willing to move from the city you lived in to try for work. You only went for jobs in your “sector” and area of expertise, when perhaps you should have broadened your scope a little. Why not even try and find an interim job doing something while you were looking? Oh no…that’s right you were offered an awesome “interim” opportunity by family and did not take it.

You continued to live your life of “luxury” despite not having a job. This just made me ANGRY considering you had been very, very vocal about people/families taking advantage of the welfare system. You flipping hypocritical moron.

When you stayed with us your partner admired our belongings and made comments like “wow I love your XX” and “I cannot wait to get some pots like that”. Seriously, Mark and I have had to work hard to get what little we have. We had second hand stuff for ages, and eventually we were able to replace stuff bit by bit. For the record we do not replace things until they are dead!

You have finally gotten a job, but that has not changed my opinion of you. Eventually, I will probably come around but I will never forget your selfishness and laziness. You took advantage of people that were trying to help you. You did not even really contribute money towards living costs i.e. food, rent etc.

I believe that your selfishness remains. All I have to say to you is “to grow the hell up”. If no one tells you that soon, I may very well find my voice and do the telling.

Only the Lonely
I have a friend who is an only child and she is struggling a bit with what is going on with her parents as they are struggling. Other people tell her that they are there for her, to help, bounce ideas off etc. But she feels that even though there is a support network for her that at the end of the day she is alone and it is ultimately her responsibility. I feel for her as it is breaking her heart and her spirit bit by bit. She has changed in the past few years and is not the bubbly happy person that I know and remember.

It breaks my heart to see her like this. See her effectively shouldering the burden on her own. Perhaps it is the “curse” of the only child. They are just used to dealing with stuff on their own without having to turn to others. 

That is all. Vent over.

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