Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 months, 11 days

I lost 200g this week. Considering I know where I went wrong I am not surprised. Next week will be better.

I was pretty slack with my exercise last week and only managed 3 workouts. I actually think it was 2 because in all honesty I do not think I can count vacuuming. I thought I would start out better this week and work out on Monday…but I did not get up. However, I did manage 30 minutes on the bike in the evening followed by a healthy tea. Then Tuesday everything fell apart .

We only went food shopping last night (Wednesday) as I was trying to clear out our freezer and cupboards a bit before I bought more. Suffice to say this led me down the path of unplanned lunch and snack options. Realistically I should have done a top-up shop on Sunday afternoon to get lunch stuff.

Today (Thursday) I am doing much better. I had a bucket (kidding) of salad including lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, capsicum, chicken and croutons. It was delicious. I need to make a nice vinaigrette dressing I think.

Last night I watched the ‘Kitchen Vixen’ Nigella make the most amazing tapas and Caesar salad. I am going to try some of her yummy treats including hummus with Greek yoghurt and the most amazing guacamole!! Maybe I could make my own corn chips…going too far??

I have two new recipes that I want to try and have made a list of the ingredients I am missing so that we can grab them on the way home. I cannot wait…one is Garden Lasagne which is vegetarian and the other is Jerk Chicken. I will let you know how I go!

So the plan for the next week is to make sure I always have enough at work for 5, breakfasts, 4-5 lunches and 10 snacks. Increase my exercise even if it’s just an extra 3 times per week. Also, I think it is vital that I have my lunch away from my desk even if it is in our training room, or sitting outside when it is sunny. 

It looks like I will be getting an exercise book to read and review. Excited!!!

What do you have for your lunch at work?

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