Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 29 – w/c Saturday 16th July, 2011

Saturday (16/07/11) ~I managed to go to the gym first thing on Saturday morning. Then I grabbed a quick Flat White and Brioche for breakfast before racing home to get showered and changed. I met up with Chev at Sylvia Park and we went shopping and then had coffee and a bite to eat. We did not end up seeing a movie as there were only 4 choices. Had a quiet night at home and fell asleep while reading. No photo.

Sunday (17/07/11) ~ I got to have a sleep in and then went grocery shopping. Popped potato bake in the oven and met Steph for rescue kitty photo shoot at Raewyn’s. Then we zoomed over to the North Shore for the Scooby mid-winter birthday catch up. It was great to see everyone and we got home just after 7.30pm. I tidied the apps on my iPhone and Mark’s iPod after seeing Steph’s organised iPhone4. I then read until I fell asleep.

Monday (18/07/11) ~ I had lunch at Ironique in Mt Eden and got quite excited because they had Coconut Cake; although the pink icing was off-putting. Went to Raewyn’s for kitten cuddles; Casper and Lenee are so cute!!

Tuesday (19/07/11) ~ After watching The Food Truck Mexican episode I decided to try Mexicali Fresh; absolutely divine. In my opinion it was a little on the expensive side, but very, very tasty. I made the effort to walk there to get some exercise.

Wednesday (20/07/11) ~ I think that I was off work with the flu? No photo

Thursday (21/07/11) ~ New library books. Exciting!

Friday (22/07/11) ~ Cannot remember. No photo

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