Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Months, 18 Days

Jumped on the scales this morning and had lost 1.5kg. I know that I can do better than that especially while I am carrying so much weight, but it is a really great start.

I have a Christmas goal of 25kg but even 16kg which is 10% of my body weight (give or take) would be fabulous.

I am still struggling to get up to go to the gym in the mornings though. It is lighter, but I just want to stay in bed. That is NOT going to get me closer to my goal. Last night I changed my alarm tune to the theme from Magnum P.I. I am wondering if I should have changed it to Mission Impossible. Once I am up it is fine, it is just getting my feet on the floor and getting my gym gear on.

I need to be moving more to burn the stored “fat”. So really I should be moving twice a day; six days per week. On the flipside I am eating less and am eating way more vegetables. I cannot wait until summer fruit hits the shelves as strawberries and nectarines are my absolutely favourite fruits.

I have been watching #BiggestLoserAustralia2011 online and that has been pretty inspiring. There are a couple of contestants that are doing my head in and one is a compete whinger. She is actually training with the Commando and even 9 weeks in she is still struggling with the emotional/mental hurdles of spending her life as an obese woman.

Does she piss me off because she reminds me of me? This morning at the gym I walked the stairs and when it got hard I got snappy with my personal trainer and said “I know” when she was offering words of encouragement. I realised that this is what I do. When I am frustrated at myself for being obese and unfit I get touchy and snappy. Normally, I just “suck it up (cupcake)” but every so often the negatively slips out.

So my goal is to get out of bed when my alarm goes off and get dressed straight away. Also, I need to have earlier nights so that I am not so shattered during the day.


  1. I know exactly what you mean with getting out of bed in the morning. I normally go to the gym at night times but with summer nights approaching, I'm wanting to swap to the morning so I have the nights free. I've always found it harder to exercise in the morning (I think it's because it's a bit warmer), so I need to go early. But when that alarm goes off at 6, it just aint happening. I'm thinking I'm going to try start getting up at 7 and just slowly work my way earlier and earlier. Can't hurt to try right?

  2. Thanks Kristyn. Last night I completely forgot to set my alarm. Gutted. Just means I have to go for longer at the gym this evening. Yes I think that working your way towards getting up earlier is a good plan. Also, getting more sleep is so important. xx