Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Project 52 – Week 23 & 24

3rd – 9th June
Tinker went to his new home on Friday 8th July. It was a night of mixed emotions. I am glad that he finally found a loving, permanent home. But after having him for over 8 months it was very sad to see him go. We still have Belle...she could be staying permanently if she does not snap out of her attitude.

10th – 16th June
Had a Tupperware party on Sunday 10th and then found out my friend is selling Tupperware in Wellington. It was probably my largest party turn out EVER. Crazy really.

Went to my first ever surprise birthday on Saturday night which was really awesome. The birthday girl was in shock I think! Her bestie (and business partner) and friend organised it. That's her very cute cake made my Bella Cupcakes.

I spent this weekend (16th-17th) on the couch reading, watching TV and mostly napping. It is really odd as I never really nap anymore (I used to do it all the time) and the only time I do is when I am getting sick, or am a bit down. I figure it is because dad is having his surgery this coming week and I am just trying to process my feelings about it all.

To be quite honest I just really do not want to talk or think about it as it just freaks me out completely. I thought that I would have had more time to prepare myself, but it seems that is not the case. If people try and talk to me about it I just get really teary and have to stop talking. He is really healthy and I am sure everything is going to be fine, but I cannot help the “what if’s”.

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