Monday, June 11, 2012

38 days

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 0.5 cup 61 6g 2g 4g
Nespresso - Lungo, 1 cup 3 0g 0g 0g
Kelloggs - Special K - Forest Berries (440g), 40 g 151 28g 0g 7g
the Great Collective Dairy - Gourmet Yoghurt - Rhubarb and Strawberry, 125 gm 136 19g 6g 6g


Tegal - Shredded Chicken Classic Roast, 100 g 128 0g 3g 26g
Fresh Zone - Herbslaw, 135 g 44 7g 0g 2g
Alfa One (Nz) - Rice Bran Oil Dressing - Balsamic, 20 ml 61 4g 5g 0g


Fresh Express - Green & Crisp Salad, 2 cups 15 3g 0g 1g
Hass - Nature's Partner - Avocado, 0.3 medium (201g) 75 5g 7g 0g
Patty Pan Frittata with Corn & Chicken Bacon (HFG), 2 1/2 serving 390 43g 14g 23g


L&F - Flat White, 1 cup 171 12g 10g 0g
Chocolate Brioche (L&F), 1 serving(s) 336 47g 12g 9g
Takata Oaty Ginger Crunch (Foodlovers), 2 serving 769 92g 42g 5g
TOTAL: 2340 266g 101g 83g

Food Notes: If every day were like today... You'd weigh 143.3 kg in 5 weeks

Got to work late and had a flat white and chocolate brioche. I just calculated the calories for the brioche and while I might have to adjust this at home it is pretty scary! I thought it was better than the other options is not.

Have to leave work earlier today as have the guy coming to repair the fireplace.

At least I did the pantry inventory and also made frittata for Mark's lunch and our dinner. Pity about the Ginger Crunch though!

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