Tuesday, June 12, 2012

34 days

Foods Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Milk - Reduced fat, 2% milkfat, 0.5 cup 61 6g 2g 4g
Nespresso - Lungo, 1 cup 3 0g 0g 0g
Kelloggs - Special K - Forest Berries (440g), 40 g 151 28g 0g 7g
M&S Tentation Apple - Apple, 150 g - 1 apple 68 18g 0g 1g
the Collective Dairy - Black Plum Yoghurt, 125 g 136 19g 6g 6g


Watties (Nz) - Frozen Garden Peas, 50 g 43 5g 0g 3g
NZ Chicken Breast, 85 g uncooked 70 0g 0g 0g
Generic - Boiled White Rice Per 100g, 150 g 185 44g 0g 3g
Bells Produce Kaitaia, Nz - Satsuma Mandarin, 2 fruit 70 0g 0g 0g


Watties (Nz) - Frozen Garden Peas, 50 g 43 5g 0g 3g
NZ Chicken Breast, 170 g uncooked 140 0g 0g 0g
Signature Range (Nz) - Edam Cheese 1kg, 40 g 138 2g 11g 10g
Wine - Pinot Noir, 300 mL 224 1g 0g 0g
San Remo (Nz) - Large Spirals, 125 g (uncooked) 453 93g 2g 15g
Leggo's - Tomato Paste No Added Salt, 50 gram 37 6g 0g 2g


Arnotts Tim Tam Turkish Delight - Turkish Delight Flavour, 3 Biscuit 270 37g 13g 2g
TOTAL: 2092 264g 34g 56g

Food Notes: If every day were like today... You'd weigh 142.2 kg in 5 weeks

Okay, so I am nearly at the 30 day mark. I am starting the week as I mean to go on with a very healthy breakfast.

There will be NO treats and no takeaway coffee's this week. I am aiming to burn 500 calories more than I eat. That means I need to eat slightly less especially if I am only burning 350 calories at the gym each day. No pasta!!! <-- already broke that. But now the pasta is finished and I will not be buying more.

I also bought a Tupperware Microwave Omelette Maker which means on the days I feel like savoury I can make a super quick omelette at work. Hopefully that means no more cheese scones!

Total emotional eating day today as got some news that is scary. Also, the same frustrations have returned about a certain situation that is out of control.

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