Thursday, April 12, 2012


I feel like I am obsessed with food.

I feel obsessed with:
  • What I eat
  • What I cannot eat
  • Calories in and calories out
  • Tracking calories
  • My last meal. My next meal. My next snack. What is for dinner, lunch etc.

I think about food constantly and I am so over it. The only time I do not think about food is when I am frantically busy.

I think that boredom has a lot to answer for as well. I am bored, what shall I do? EAT!

Sometimes I wish that I had a personal chef who made me yummy, nutritious meals. Then between meals I could focus on other things rather than when my next meal is.

Perhaps when I start to think about food or am bored I need to take myself for a walk or to the gym or have a big drink of water. 

Food is fuel, but it is not the be all and end all.

Surely I am not alone?


  1. Totally understand. Hard to find the balance between thinking of and planning yummy healthy meals, and not spending too much time thinking about food. I love food - and like to try new things, and make new things, and bake - its a hobby of mine, but I've basically had to give it up while I lose some weight and get healthy. Being busy helps - maybe find another project?

    1. Nice to know I am not alone. Definitely need to find another project to take my mind off food. I love baking and bake for other people so we don't end up eating it. :)

  2. Oh dear, i have the same problem! And there are days i succeed, and days i fail. I did find that planning helps a little, but i always forget to plan!

    1. I am hopeless with planning. I really try and then it goes well for a few days and then it falls over. :(

  3. Yes baking to give to other ppl is about the only way I get round baking. I have such good intentions when it comes to planning meals for the week etc, do ok with lunch and breakfast on a week day, but dinners not so - even after I bought a pretty meal planner from Kiki K. I do find the ideas in the Healthy Food Guide tempting - but I'm mostly just cooking for me, so it takes a lot of work to change all the meals to one serve etc (excuses I know!)

    1. Yes, our friend lives on our street so she gets a lot of my baking when I am in the mood. Honestly, I really have to be in the mood to bake otherwise it goes horribly, horribly wrong. A meal planner from Kiki K?? I love the Healthy Food Guide. I guess you could cook the meal and then freeze into portions for lunch and other dinners :)